5 Best Practice Tips for Managing Social Media Channels

Social media managers represent your brand across social channels. They provide experts guidance needed to enhance the online presence of organisations. With clear goals like: “improve website traffic” or “optimize brand awareness,” social media managers grow your business through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social media manager’s first task is to… Continue reading 5 Best Practice Tips for Managing Social Media Channels

When 360 Degree Videos Make Sense for Marketers

Several brands have created 360 degree video advertisements and received a lot of P.R. and notoriety from them but do they make sense for smaller businesses? If you are planning to create promotional video content for your business then you must consider 360 degree videos as one of the options. Depending on the industry and… Continue reading When 360 Degree Videos Make Sense for Marketers

LinkedIn Launches Carousel Ads

  LinkedIn announced the launch of carousel ads on their platform for businesses and marketers. Carousel ads have a higher engagement ratio when compared to simple image ads on social media. Brands can take advantage of the carousel style to tell a more engaging story to their audiences. Create a carousel ad for your brand… Continue reading LinkedIn Launches Carousel Ads

Finding Instagram Followers – InstaSuccess

In the competitive landscape of insta-fame dominated by celebrities and such, gaining followers on instagram is a daunting challenge for all of us. We setup our accounts and follow our contacts and start sharing pictures, but even after hundreds’ of posts our follower count seems never to move. Googling how to gain followers leads us… Continue reading Finding Instagram Followers – InstaSuccess